Ways you can help

Here’s a list of the groups and contacts related to each post.  Please visit their sites, find out more about them and learn how you can help!

12.04.10: Save Proctor’s Theater
Follow the Save Proctor’s Theater on Facebook
Sign the petition
Donate to Save Proctor’s Theater

11.29.10: SS United States Conservancy
Follow the Conservancy on Facebook
Follow the Conservancy on Twitter
Take action to help save the SS United States
Donate to the conservancy

11.14.10: The Hotel Plaza
Become a member of the Camden County Historical Society

11.03.10 : New York Smallpox Hospital- aka ‘Renwick Ruin’
Follow the Renwick Ruin on Facebook
Become a member of the Roosevelt Island Historical Society
Donate to FDR’s Four Freedoms Park

10.29.10 :  The Westmont Theater- aka ‘The Grand Old Lady
Follow Neighbors Celebrating the Westmont on FacebookWordPress and/or Twitter


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