About me & history’s aesthetic

I am currently a victim of the economy here in the States.  I have three college degrees including a Masters in Historic Preservation.  Since many people aren’t hiring preservationists right now I thought this would be a great outlet to document and hopefully publicize amazing buildings that I believe need attention.

Originally from NY and currently living in NJ just over the bridge(s) from Philadelphia most of the places I’ll feature will be in these areas.  If anyone reading this has any buildings they are curious about or love and want to share, let me know and I’ll do a little research, take some photos and you’ll see the building highlighted.

You’ll see that I don’t tend to focus on pretty buildings that have been perfectly restored.  I tend to be drawn to ones that are more in a state of disrepair or are clearly underutilized. There is something about that aesthetic that I am drawn to and makes me wonder about its history- what was it’s function, who worked/lived there, who built it, what happened to it, can it be saved?

Also, whenever possible I am going to use all my own photography since I love taking photos as well.